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Welcome beautiful warriors, to my personal blog and portfolio; my art and zen. With an undying passion for fitness, health and motivating others to be their best selves, I decided to finally venture out and make this to help spread my knowledge and personal experiences onto you, to hopefully make an impact or awaken a new feeling or purpose in life. As I ultimately aim to upload more in-depth fitness content here, I’m still recovering from some muscle issues, so I figured to take up my love for writing through posts relating to all aspects of Fitness and Health, as well as Personal Growth and Development. In time, workout and motivational videos, as well as tutorials and routines will make their way onto my site, but for now, I hope you can take away something valuable for your own mind and journey.


About Me

Fitness Freak. Inspirer. ENFJ.

Born in the times of Ancient Greece on the island of Crete and under a storm of lightning and thunder, this young lad was destined to become the king of gods. His name was….

Sadly not Zeus. My name’s Theo and while I am Greek, sadly that prophecy didn’t come true. Born and raised between both Chicago and Athens, I felt as if I always had a notion to help others, whether it be in the fitness realm or to help inspire others find their best selves. With 4+ years of being a Personal Trainer as well as multiple client-centered roles, my goal is to not only conquer mastery of my body and mind, but to also help others conquer their goals and visions.

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